Where to drop off Old BBQ Propane Tanks

Are you tired of having your old bbq propane tanks build up at your house or laying around your businesses lot? Tire Buddy Recycling has a new solution to help with residential, business and industrial customers who are looking to get rid of a high volume of old bbq propane tanks that are sitting around piling up on their properties.

Brandon Capela, Monday, December 25, 2023

Community Cleanups In Southern Ontario

Many communities in Southern Ontario have come together over the last few years and started participating in community cleanups. A community cleanup is essentially what it sounds like and you think it is. Basically in many towns and cities, local communities organize a day or weekend to get together and clean up their parks, streets, wildlife areas, rivers, schools and apartments. It is a lot like a block party, but with tools, rakes, brooms and garbage bags. It’s a great way for neighbors to get together, and even meet each other with the common goal of spending a few hours tidying up their communities. For example, maybe the local park needs a lot of work. Some bratty kids have painted graffiti on the playground, there is trash and debris everywhere, many of the trees have dangerously overhanging branches that need to be removed, and the landscaping needs some attention.

Alex Pommier, Friday, June 17, 2022

Benefits of Hiring a Reliable Dumpster Company

Whether you’re clearing your attic or you’re planning a major home renovation, you need the right garbage bin for the job. How do you choose the right dumpster, though, and why should you hire a dumpster company in the first place? 

If you’re new to garbage bin rental, here’s why you need a reliable dumpster bin rental company in Ontario to help with your waste disposal needs.   

Alex Pommier, Friday, June 17, 2022

Where Does All Of The Garbage Go To?

You eat food and throw away the wrapper, sneeze on a tissue and throw it away, tear off old roofs and then dispose of the roofing materials and at first you don’t think of it but then it hits you and you ask yourself, “Where does all of the garbage go to? Well you came to the right place to find that answer!

Alex Pommier, Friday, June 17, 2022

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